To make a booking please complete the relevant forms and forward them to us along with a head shot style photo. The forms for each school are below.


Royal Grammar School


RGS_Letter to Parents

RGS_Parent Contract

RGS_Pupil Contract

RGS_Payment Confirmation

RGS_Terms and Conditions


Beaconsfield High School


BHS_Letter to Parents

BHS_Parent Contract

BHS_Pupil Contract

BHS_Payment Confirmation

BHS_Terms and Conditions


Document checklist:


1 x Signed Parent Contract per pupil

1 x Signed Pupil Contract per pupil

1 x Completed Payment Confirmation Form per family

1 x Passport Size Photo per pupil


If you are booking for more than one pupil please complete a Parent and Pupil contract for each. We only require one Payment Confirmation form for each family.


Book by Post


Please send the completed forms and a passport size photo to:


Tom Murphy

Ashwood Travel

31 Lower Road

Chalfont St Peter




Book by Email


Please scan the completed documents along with a digital head shot style photo and email to